Tonia Morris

Tonia Morris
Workforce & Millennial Trainer
Speaker and HR Consultant

Tonia Morris has over 20 years of experience as a speaker, training facilitator, business consultant, HR Director, and as a coach on HR-related topics. Tonia has worked with Colleges and Universities and Human Resources Departments, and has spoken at Professional Conferences, Women’s Groups, and Non-Profit Organizations. Tonia has also worked for Fortune 500 companies like Sherwin Williams, Allstate Insurance, USAA Insurance, Tech Data, and Teachers Retirement System of Georgia to name a few.

The founder and CEO of Tonia Morris Speak LLC, a training and consulting firm, Tonia is passionate about creating positive environments, increasing productivity and improving morale across organizations.

Coming from the above mentioned multifaceted background, Tonia has seen many changes occur in the workplace over the last three decades. She developed Tonia Morris Speak© to address these changes. Both employers and employees are challenged daily with issues regarding communication, hiring and retention, and maintaining a positive working environment. Tonia Morris Speak© is centered on Tonia’s keenness for “turning chaos into structure.” She is very passionate about bridging the Multi-Generations in today’s workplace. She understands that the workplace has changed and will continue to change. Tonia is funny and engaging – your participants will enjoy every minute of her thought-provoking and impactful sessions.

A native of St. Petersburg Florida, Tonia graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Tonia resides in the Gwinnett area with her husband Kevin of 21 years and two sons, Austin and Bryce.
Aside from speaking and teaching Tonia enjoys spending time with family and friends, collecting jewelry, and traveling.